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Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Very popular choices for today’s homes are maple kitchen cabinets due to their distinct beauty. Maple is an exceptionally hard, finely grained wood species with a fine, even texture. Many love the darker stains that moderate the color variance and lighter stains that mellow with golden hues over time. Light maple kitchen cabinets seamlessly blend with your stove, dishwasher and sink to create a very functional work area.

760 in Maple Natural

750 in Maple Natural

740 in Maple Natural

730 in Maple Natural

720 in Maple Natural

650 in Maple Natural

644 in Maple Natural

630 in Maple Natural

621 in Maple Natural

620 in Maple Natural

611 in Maple Natural

610 in Maple Natural

513 in Maple Natural

512 in Maple Natural

511 in Maple Natural

510 in Maple Natural

451 in Maple Natural

450 in Maple Natural

420 in Maple Natural

410 in Maple Natural


Maple Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Maple is a hardwood of amazing strength and beauty. Maple wood kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to improve any kitchen look. We offer high quality maple wood kitchen cabinets at excellent prices. Below you can view some of our cabinet door styles from light maple to darker maples and even our maple expresso finish.

Maple Natural Cabinet Maple Honey Cabinet Coffee Glaze Cabinet Maple Spice Cabinet
Maple Natural Finish Maple Honey Finish Maple Coffee Glaze Finish Maple Spice Finish
Maple Cognac Cabinet Maple Mocha Glaze Cabinet Maple Auburn Glaze Cabinet Maple Espresso Cabinet
Maple Cognac Finish Maple Mocha Glaze Finish Maple Auburn Glaze Finish Maple Espresso Finish


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